Fundrive 2021!
Why Donate?
$30 or $5 a month gets you a customized CiTR & Discorder pin
$60 or $10 a month gets you a pair of CiTR & Discorder socks
$101.9 or $15 a month gets you a CiTR Fundrive tea towel
$175 or $20 a month gets you the special 2020 Lost Months issue of Disocrder
$500 or $35 a month gets you a jigsaw puzzle of I Hate Closeness But I Miss Being Close by Hayley Schmidt
$1000 or $50 a month gets you your own CiTR show

CiTR is a non-profit and non-commercial station. All DJs are Volunteers.

This past year has reminded us of the importance of community and connection. As a student-led, volunteer-run organization, CiTR has always been, and continues to be, committed to providing quality, timely local programming directly to the community.

CiTR has been in operation since 1937, gaining its FM license in 1982, and is home to Discorder Magazine, the longest-running independent culture magazine in Vancouver. Our annual fundraising drive is an important source of revenue, which goes towards the operating costs of the station. This includes equipment upgrades and maintenance, staff costs, and training tools for our volunteers. This year, from February 4th to 12th, we are asking our community to show their support in the form of monthly or one-time donations.

Reasons to Donate
CiTR Empowers.

CiTR has a mandate to amplify underrepresented voices which are often excluded from the mainstream media and to provide our community members with the tools needed to express themselves through a variety of mediums.

CiTR Engages.

CiTR is committed to engaging with as many local communities as possible, including covering underreported stories and providing free advertising for shows and events that feature artists from underrepresented communities.

CiTR Educates.

CiTR is first and foremost a learning institution. CiTR offers comprehensive training on all aspects of broadcasting and publishing by providing members with hands-on, real-world experience in all forms of media.